Fury Of The Mind

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Fury of the Mind allows a Psi to participate in the anger of its allies, without becoming enraged themselves. While attuned to the minds of their companions in this way, the Psi can utilize that rage to increase the damage inflicted when casting a kinetic damage spell like weapon rush or dancing weapon. While there is a limit to the anger that the Psi can control in this way, up to that limit the power of the Psi's attacks will increase in accordance with the strength of the frenzies filling their allies. Fury of the Mind requires the Psionicist to keep their emotional balance. Being in a frenzied state themselves will make it impossible to attune to the angers of the allies in the required way, or even break the link.

Prerequisite(s): Anger Management, Bio Empathy.

Syntax: cast 'fury of the mind'.