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1 CAST Syntax: cast <spell> <target>

Before you can cast a spell, you have to practice it. The more you practice, the higher chance you have of success when casting. Casting spells costs mana. The mana cost decreases as your level increases.

The <target> is optional. Many spells which need targets will use an appropriate default target, especially during combat.

If the spell name is more than one word, then you must quote the spell name. Example: cast 'cure critic' frag. Quoting is optional for single-word spells. You can abbreviate the spell name.

When you cast an offensive spell, the victim usually gets a saving throw. The effect of the spell is reduced or eliminated if the victim makes the saving throw successfully.

Various racial qualities determine how good a character is at casting spells. In addition, some races are better with some spell types than others.

See also the help sections for individual spells.