Village Watchman

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The soldier eyes you cautiously.

Keywords: watchman.
Level: 50.
Alignment: apathetic.
Flags: none.
Affects: none.


A village watchman is using:
<worn on body>      a steel breastplate
<worn on legs>      a pair of cuirbouilli leggings
<worn on feet>      a pair of plate boots
<worn on arms>      a pair of steel bracers
<held in offhand>   a tower shield
<worn about body>   a chain tunic
<wielded>           a patrol bow
<held>              5 standard arrows
A village watchman is carrying:
     fletching tools and materials


Only a few village watchmen wear/carry this gear; most wear/carry nothing.


Area: Hamlet of Kreigstadt (Map).

A village watchman wanders.

A village watchman is portable.