Grim Harvest

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Bhyss is the god of death and destruction. His clerics have long sought to harness the power from death to help fuel more of the same.
This spell works in two parts. The spell begins with a simple cast which has no other purpose than to start the process.
A second cast allows creation of an aura which infuses the cleric and his or her allies with unholy power.

The strength of this aura can be increased by ... harvesting enemies between the two castings required to complete the spell.
Individual clerics aura strengths will also be influenced by how closely aspects of their deities correspond with those of Bhyss.
This is a powerful pantheon spell. Any single cleric can only maintain (i.e. be the caster of) one of these spells at any given time.
  • cast 'grim harvest'
  • cast 'grim harvest' activate
  • aff ?grim

This is one of the cleric pantheon spells.
The effect is an increase in spell power for all group members.
There are many parameters, so feel free to add what you find to table below.

Race Worship Base Percentage increase
Dwarf Bhyss 12%
Drow Shizaga 3%
Race Worship Base Percentage increase
Deep Gnome Tul 2%
Sprite Qxl 8%
Gnome Kra 5%
Dwarf Tor 14%
Dwarf Bhyss 16%