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Healing Spells
Spell Mana Cost1 Type of Healing Amount Healed2 Healing/Mana Efficiency Ratio3
Cure Light 10 HPs 25 2.5
Cure Serious 25 HPs 50 2
Cure Critical 35 HPs 75 2.14
Heal 50 HPs 125 2.5
Divinity 100 HPs 250 2.5
Mass Cure Serious 65 HPs 50 2.31(3)
Mass Cure Critical 100 HPs 75 2.25(3)
Mass Heal 175 HPs 125 2.86(4)

1: This number is unmodified by either race or worship, both of which can have a significant effect on this number, both positive and negative.
2: This number is unmodified by worship, or augment.
3: Essentially just Amount Healed divided by Mana, the higher this number the more efficient the spell in terms of long term mana consumption. Higher cost spells are less economical, but provide faster healing. For even faster rates, see augment. For targetted spells this is based on a single target. For spells with multiple targets, this is based on the number of targets when the spell becomes more economical that its single target version.

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