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East of the Meadow, just a bit up the hill, a small path leads into a cave. Mushrooms grow there, large and small, disgusting and colourful. For a long time the goblins who inhabit these caverns have collected the mushrooms as a basic food supply, while raiding the hills and the land beyond every now and then. But for some time now the raids have stopped. All that can be heard from the cave are the surprising sounds of singing, drunken fights, or loud, delicious snoring. Drink! That is what the focus of the small enclave has turned to - ever since the shaman found out how to distill something other than venomous stinking brews.

Level Range: 5-9

Builder: PsyCrow


Walking route from Nom: s, 7e, u, e.

Portaling point(s) suggested: goblin shaman.




From Nom, head s, 7e, u. Recall set here as it is a safe room (marked by the distinctive 'Goblin Terry Torry' sign). It's actually outside the Mushroom Caves area, which means nothing will GLARE at you and SNARL after you flee. Remember to quit and log back in if you flee and recall; this makes anything you fled from forget you, and stops them from tracking you down again when you re-enter the area.

2e from the safe room there will be the guard post containing two stationary mobs; usually a sleeping goblin on top and a drunk goblin underneath (maybe a wanderer, including crazed goblins). K dru first so as to avoid assists.

From here, e, 4n takes you to a room called 'The goblin camp', which usually has 5 mobs in it - only the top two are awake. This is another good room, since the wandering crazed goblins don't enter it. No aggies = safe place to sleep. (Really nice place to sleep if you are a NOSUN race, since it's indoors, unlike the room with the 'Terry Torry' sign outside the area). From here, n, w, n takes you to the pair of fanatical guards... but more of them later.

There is normally a crazed goblin north of the goblin camp, but they do wander. The room north of the goblin camp seems to only have exits west and south, but there is a hidden door to the east that leads to a room with the goblin shaman in it (another portal point). The shaman is worth some good exp but casts blindness and faerie fire as well as healing itself, so I usually don't bother. Oh, and don't loot the corpse, since it carries cursed stuff that is really not worth it.

Other sections of note:

From the camp, 2s takes you back to a mushroom cave where there are normally around 3 mushroom collectors (and miscellaneous wandering mobs) that flee. ene to the toadstool monster (which is stationary and seen on scan as A large and strange creature is munching on the mushrooms), a rather difficult mob as he has armor and poisions - don't bother.

From the guard post go n, 2w to get to another mushroom cave. I've seen up to 6 mushroom carriers here, fleers again. From here, w, 2n to get to the distillery - another room the crazed goblins don't wander into. Usually holds 4 goblins plus the odd keg or mushroom carrying goblin.

From the distillery, e, s, e takes you to the mushroom patch that is 2s from the camp. E, n, e, 2n from the distillery takes you to the pair of fanatical guards outside the throne room door. Be wary of fighting in the room south of them... if you flee into their room you will probably die, and dying in a room where 2 aggie mobs repop is no fun for a low character.

Finally, north of the 2 aggressive fanatical guards through a closed but unlocked door is the throne room, usually containing the king, a servant and two guards (aggie). The king will assist as well, so I normally don't bother with this room until about level 8 or maybe 9. Important to remember that repop will close the door - if you think you may have to flee, look every round of combat or so to see if the door is closed. In fact, since repop will replace the aggie guards outside, trying to recall from combat is definitely a good option.

All the mobs in this area are evil, so it's a good area to return to good alignment if needed.


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